The Canvas Man

"The Canvas Man" was an excellent article for anyone who is starting out in the illustration field. It does three important things: it paints the artist, Tim O'Brien, as a basically normal person with a lot of common sense; it gives insights into the atmosphere of the field; and it explains what it takes to get to where he is. I am a high school art teacher, and I believe articles like this are necessary for inspiring young talent as well as deflecting misconceptions about the field -- not all artists are starving. Yes, O'Brien's talent is extraordinary, but his path to becoming a success was not.

Roman Buddemeyer

I enjoyed your profile of artist Tim O'Brien. The pictures featured in the article are wonderful. This young man is a credit to his profession. Your article captures his integrity and character. His work will make him a notable influence in this century. He's the Norman Rockwell of the future -- except his work is much more impressive.

Barbara Marcati

The depiction of Tim O'Brien in your article "The Canvas Man" was very interesting and gave me the insight that things in the art world don't change much. Even when you're a success, you've still got short deadlines and big ideas. I wish O'Brien much success and fewer bruises. I will continue to keep my eyes open for O'Brien and his work.


Your profile of freelance illustrator Tim O'Brien does him great justice! I worked with Tim's mother, Patricia O'Brien, and she spoke about him frequently. When I finally saw his work, I was in absolute awe. He is a rather remarkable man!

Erlen Stebbings

We, the editorial board of Washing Machine Monthly, were outraged at the unfair depiction of our magazine's editorial content as lacking adrenaline. In the future, the subjects of your profiles should think before they speak poorly of the large-appliance industry. Exciting new innovations in spin cycle and combination washer/drier units are making this the most exciting time in washing machine history since cave-women started pounding their pelts by the riverside!

Our legal counsel will be contacting you.

Otis Maytag
S. P. Incicle
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