Bird's Eye View

It was nice to read an article about a physically oriented, outdoor business! I would love to see more of this type of story.

Jan Stoltman

In your article "Bird's Eye View," the thumbnail view of the composite photo looks like a plane crash. When enlarged, it is clear that shadows on the plane are coming from one direction, and the shadows on the landscape are coming from another. It looks like what it is -- two mismatched photos pasted together. Also, the horizon is tilted.

The animated version shows the plane in what appears to be a steep dive very close to the ground. This could be troubling to potential passengers who view it. I make that observation as a pilot with 30+ years of experience. I see the plane flying into the butte, which is indicated by the shadow in the lower right side of the photo, and immediately hope that there is a road out of view and pray that the ELT is working.

If this is meant to be an example of good composite work, then it is a disappointment. If it is meant to promote airplane rides, it looks more scary than scenic.

This is not meant to be a "flame"... just an observation.

Ralph Nelson

What planet was the plane flying over in the photo for "Bird's Eye View?"

I ask because our planet (Earth) has only one sun, and shadows tend to go the same direction.

Since you represent the best designers, I am sure this wasn't an oversight, but another example of how futuristic and cutting-edge you guys are... ;-)

Christine Naugle