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Doing Work by Azriela Jaffe



About Azriela Jaffe

The "Ann Landers" of Small Business

Azriela didn't set out to become an IP. She was on the corporate track, with a fancy M.B.A., a big fat benefits package, and a nice salary as the Human Resource Director for a large Boston company. And then she fell in love. With stars in her eyes, and total naivete, she said, "Sure, Honey, I think it would be great if you quit your job two weeks before our honeymoon to become an IP. And I'd be happy to support you, and your kids, and help with your child support and student loan payments."

Okay, so it didn't turn out to be a storybook ending. Her husband, who launched an accounting consultancy, discovered that he had a great service, nice stationary, a fervent desire to be self-employed, but… there was a problem about finding clients (and then getting them to pay once he did).

Azriela transformed a very difficult year into the best thing that ever happened to their family. Her husband went back to a corporate job and she launched her own business as an author and syndicated columnist. Her first book, Honey, I Want To Start My Own Business: A Planning Guide For Couples, was considered a groundbreaker. Finally, a book for self-employed professionals on how to handle the pressures on a marriage and family when one of them decides to go out their on their own.

Azriela went on to write seven more books, including two more for IPs, Let's Go Into Business Together: Eight Secrets to Successful Business Partnering and Starting from No: Ten Strategies to Overcome Your Fear of Rejection and Succeed in Business.

Her books garnished a great deal of national attention and she parlayed that into a syndicated column, "Advice from A-Z," which is read by about a million people in newspapers and Web sites around the country. She is known as the "Ann Landers" of small business because she so freely offers her advice on the emotional and relationship concerns of small business owners. She also writes and edits three biweekly online newsletters for IPs and small-mid size business owners.

All of her books, columns, and newsletters, as well as speaking engagements at national conventions around the country, have given her lots of practical wisdom about how IPs can handle one of their greatest challenges -- clients! She is very excited about being part of the 1099 team, and writing about how to improve client relationships.

Visit her Web site, Anchored Dreams®.

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