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Momma Always Said...
Mom wasn't just a carping nag -- she was also a marketing maestro.

Obedience School
Mistress Linda shows how to crack the whip on those naughty prospects of yours.

Self-Promotion with Emotion
Linda F. explains how to make Valentines for your prospects.

Missing Link
Make the leap from plugged-in ape to sought-after IP.

Search Party
Is your Web site lost in cyberspace? Linda F's got a map, a compass, and a clue.

Keeping in Touch
Reach out and touch your prospects. Just be careful where you touch 'em.

Is Your Back End Sticky?
Wanna sell your stuff to business? You'd better learn to speak Suit..

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Clients With Class
Those who can do, teach. Or so says Professor Formichelli.

Organized Crime
Learn how to track your prospects -- without the help of a safari guide.

You Oughta Be in Pictures
Put that mug of yours to work for you.

Can't We All Just Get Along?
You don't have to go to Holland to go dutch on your marketing efforts.

Printing for Penny Pinchers
Want your marketing materials to look professional? Can't afford a top-notch print job? Better give up. Oh, wait -- you'd better read this. And fast.

IP Résumés That Rock
Believe it or not, Ripley, freelancers need résumés, too.

Logo à Gogo
DIY logos are a no-go. Here's the right way to go pro.

The Art of the Article
Last week you wrote a query letter. This week, it's an article. What the hell's next? Epic poetry?

Publish or Piss Off: Query Letters
Wanna publish an article? Learn to write a query letter first, Hemingway.

Are Your Prospects Worthy?
Wasting time pitching to tire kickers? Don't scream -- screen.

Create a Winning Tagline: The Best Column You Can Get for a Box of Chocolate
If you want to write effective taglines, you're "in good hands" with Linda Formichelli.

Take Back the Sales Letter
Sales letters rife with exclamation points, colored inks, and all caps may work for sweepstakes and charity drives, but they're totally wrong for IPs.

Direct Mail for Cheapskates
Direct mail isn't just about getting crap shoved into your mailbox.

Meet the Press
Those bastards in the media still ignoring you and your wonderful IP business? Could be that there's a conspiracy afoot to keep you down... or maybe you just never learned how to meet the press.

How to Write a Press Release
If you think a press release is something you do at the gym, you'd better read this. A well-written release can do wonders for your flabby marketing muscle.

Be the Master of Your Domain
Linda Formichelli is master of her domain. What about you?

The Re-education of a 1099 Columnist
Linda Formichelli learns the hard way that when it comes to marketing, the Internet does not suck.

Taking the Free out of Freelance
Going pro bono to get new work? Wait: read this first.

You and What Army?
Does size matter? Linda F. tells us what clients really think.

At a Premium
What the hell do Satan, naked lady pens, silk pajamas, and vibrating stress balls have to do with Getting Work?

Kidding Around
Kids say the strangest things -- and you wouldn't believe what they're saying about marketing.

Why the Web Sucks
Linda Formichelli flips the Internet the bird.

The Bulk Email Blues
It's salty, it goes great with eggs, it comes in a can. But should spam be on the plate of the cash-strapped independent professional?

Marketing Mishaps
Linda F. presents America's funniest marketing screw-ups.

Empowering Your Savvy Synergistic Marketing Paradigm
Words & phrases that should never appear in your marketing materials. Ever.

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