It Is So Cruel

I know what you're thinking -- the world itself is neutral, neither beneficent nor malevolent, and I'm just injecting my own fearful neuroses into the picture. Get philosophical on me, will you? Look, whose womb fantasies were we discussing here, anyway? Get your own damn column! I say the world is cruel, and getting fired is scary, and starving to death is inconvenient (although non-fattening), and it takes a lot of guts to work for yourself.

I've always hoped to transcend the whole work situation. My game plan is that some rich woman (and beautiful too, let's not forget that) will magically appear and lift me entirely out of the wage slave/IP spectrum, and deposit me on a tropical beach somewhere to contemplate the meaning of life with my head in her lap while she feeds me rum toddies. But nobody has come forward to volunteer. Why? Because, like I said... it's a cruel world.