The Better You Are, The Longer It Takes

I'm quite sure my ex-wife would think I had written the column The Better You Are, The Longer It Takes, if she had the curiosity to find it and could gather the energy to read it. I've always thought of myself as being really good at what I do, too, even though it seems, the better I get, the longer it takes. At least my kids still think I'm the greatest! A fun piece.

By the way, I found your column while I was screwing around, doing self-indulgent stuff…

Geo Brudos

I enjoyed San's inSANity column, "The Better You Are, The Longer It Takes." Not only was it interesting reading, but it helped put in perspective some of my past experiences. As I read what he said, I realized how true it is.

Eugene Ruthven

I liked the article "The Better You Are, The Longer It Takes," particularly its style. Unfortunately, I did resent the fact that I spent that much time reading it instead of doing some real work.

Beth Chapple

I accept to some extent San's thesis that the better you are at something, the longer it takes. However, the phenomenon of quality-creep (which is definitely real) does have a solution: clearly define your goals for a project up front. I mean, clearly. Include (warning: buzzword ahead) metrics. Measure your progress by these goals. When your work has met your goals, you're done. Set some new goals, and have a go at a new project.

Derek Herzog
Minneapolis, Minnesota