Putting Your Stamp on It

The points which San made in his column Putting Your Stamp on It are extremely relevant and important to me. It's hard for IPs to decide whether they want to have a more personal or corporate image. I have been leaning more and more towards appearing "corporate," but this column explained why doing so would be a mistake. I would be sacrificing the one important advantage I have over many of my competitors. Thank you for the gentle wake-up call.

Mark Douglas

I appreciated what San had to say about individual and even artful mail in Putting Your Stamp On It. This technique can be used by "real companies," too. When I had a client sending no more than 300 direct mail pieces, I would sell them on having their receptionist put big, bright commemorative stamps on them -- better odds to get the envelope opened, and nobody responds unless they at least open the envelope. That was when I had my marketing consultant hat on -- before I wore my art hat.

Jerry Henricks

LOVED the Lawrence San column "Putting Your Stamp On It." No kidding --I had ordered a personal postage meter in a moment of weakness, but I sent it back after only one week. Bravo!

Julie Jackson