Season's Growlings

Wow, I am amazed that Aquent's president would enjoy the fact that you can look up on his company's Web page and see profanity like San has used in his Christmas tale. I would be truly interested in what the president's reaction is.

Obviously San's attempt to be "edgy" rules out the possibility that he can be intelligent. Not to worry though, he will continue to present his sophomoric prose to an audience that will enjoy his attempt at humor, yet still be able to drive away business at a brisk pace. I am sure if every client of Aquent had the chance to read this article that a noticeable drop in business would again occur.

His disdain for Hallmark clearly indicates his desire to reach that level of success and notoriety but, as his work shows, his inability to ever reach it.

Too bad San, it looks as though you struck out again -- you big city idiot!

Dick Carroll
Grafton, Inc.

Great Christmas column. Great topic… so glad someone else besides me skewers the holidays.

I'm so glad I found your column. Thanks for sharing your unique, entertaining and philosophical views on being an IP. This is great stuff. Keep up the good work.

Lisa Creagh Johnson