About Lawrence San

Although most of our readers know him as the creator of 1099's inSANity column, Lawrence San was also the founding editor of 1099 Magazine. He hand-coded the original webzine back in early 1999, built up its editorial and art team from scratch, and served as editor in chief and creative director for the print-magazine launch in early 2001. San has worked most of his life in a variety of freelance roles -- as a writer, illustrator, creative director, print designer, and award-winning Web architect. In a former existence he was a high-school English teacher, first in a violent inner-city school, then in a school for the intellectually gifted and talented. San is also a cartoonist, and his "mini-comics," aimed at thoughtful adults, won ComicsFX Magazine's "Mini of the Month" award four times. These cartoon stories, which were also praised in Amazing Heroes magazine, can be seen online at www.sanstudio.com.

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