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Follow the Headhunter
Headhunters don't just lop off noggins -- they can help you impress prospects.

Big Brothers Big Sisters
Mentors: Your ticket to IP-Land.

Everyone's a Critic... Even You
Got an opinion? Learn how to turn your two cents into big bucks -- or at least a new gig.

Mission to Mars
Male-minded prospects can be a challenge for women. Heed these tips on your next Mission to Mars.

Hired Gun
Got the brochure blues? Here's a guide to hiring a designer. Read it, and sing a happier song.

B.Y.O.B. (Build Your Own Brochure)
Do it on your desktop! Brochure design, that is. (You dirty-minded so-and-so's.)

Brochures: The Silent Salesmen
Afraid of butchering your brochure? Nancy Austin can help you make it Kosher.

IPs on the Grill
Here's how to respond to the IP FAQ.

The IP™ Gets Branded
Nancy Austin helps build a brand-new Brand You.

Let's Do Lunch
There's more to taking a prospect to lunch than chewing with your mouth closed.

Pricing Yourself Into the Market
Charge too much, and you can scare off prospects. Charge too little and you'll look like a jackass.

How Low Can You Go?
Nancy Austin tackles the morals of marketing.

Gumshoe Marketing
What do IPs and PIs have in common? Read this, and learn the hard-boiled truth.

Dr. Feelgood, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Anxiety
Make friends with your sales anxiety: it'll help make prospects into clients.

The Straight Skinny on Networking at Events
Networking: to know it is to hate it. Maybe. Get the inside skinny on the big N.

Break a Leg
You're not marketing -- you're merely... acting! Or you should be.

Goofiness: the Dullest Sales Tool in the Shed
Nancy Austin gets tough on some extreme -- and extremely bad -- marketing advice.

Referrals in the Real World
Should you get a commission for giving a referral? Some people say yes -- Nancy Austin says, "What are you, nuts?"

Enough Already!
What's the difference between being a serious self-marketer and a serious pain? Nancy Austin explains.

Promotional Products: the Horror, the Horror!
Everybody says giveaways are an indispensable marketing tool for IPs. As if!

Second Thoughts About a First Newsletter
Nancy Austin has the latest news on IP newsletters.

Straight to Video
Nancy Austin can take your marketing campaign straight to video.

Seminar Selling: a Simple 34-Step Plan
Here's everything you ever wanted to know about throwing a seminar (and then some).

Warming Up to Cold Calls
Nancy Austin helps you warm up to cold calling.

What They Say About You After You Leave the Room
Learn how to give a marketing pitch without taking a beating.

Guaranteed to Please
Have you got the guts to guarantee your work? If so, do it. Clients eat that stuff up.

Six Secrets of Simply Stupendous Press Kits
Bad press may be better than no press, but a bad press kit is de-pressing. Here's how to im-press the press.

Breakaway Marketing
You have miles of ambition, tons of talent... and about five bucks to promote it. Here's how to make the most of your fiver.

Don't Say That
Nancy K. Austin discusses the art of making an ass out of yourself at the podium.

Just Say Thanks
Remember the last time you wrote a thank-you note? No? Well, get your pen in gear.

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