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     book review

The 101 Best Freelance Careers
By Kelly Reno
Reviewed by Tina Pamintuan

If you're an aspiring freelance baker or candlestick maker, but currently make ends meet as a corporate paper pusher, consider checking out this easy-to-read, inexpensive paperback from Berkeley Publishing. The bulk of Kelly Reno's latest "how-to" career guide, The 101 Best Freelance Careers, is an entry by entry listing of some of the most unusual options for IPs . Who knew there were people out there freelancing as spinsters? (No, I'm not talking about old maids in rocking chairs, but IPs who pay the bills by spinning natural fibers into yarn and selling their handicraft by the ball.)

Reno writes that many of the careers in her book are "unusual, even unheard of." Nonetheless, she adds, they are "some of the best ways I've found to make money." Although Reno never defines "best," it's clear from her list, which includes such hobby-turned-career options as cake decorator and genealogist, that personal fulfillment is one criterion.

IT consultant, reporter, payroll accountant -- all the familiar options are here too. Individuals interested in these careers, however, are better off investing in other "how-to" books. After all, more in-depth guides are available for these well-worn career paths. Reno's guide differentiates itself by focusing on less traveled roads. People searching for ways to incorporate their artistic and creative aspirations into economically viable careers stand the best chance of finding this guide helpful.

For example, 24 of the 101 careers listed involve the design of custom-made products such as dresses, dollhouse furniture, lamps, candy, jewelry, neon signs and stained glass. Those less inclined to work with their hands may still find their dream job in Reno's list. Voracious readers might consider working as freelance book readers for publishing companies. Fashion mavens might consider capitalizing on their sense of style by launching careers in personal wardrobe consulting.

Although Reno's entries are short, each one- to three-page description includes a discussion of career opportunities in the specific field and necessary training. Unfortunately, she does not provide estimates for salaries. Such information might be found through the resources guide at the end of each entry. There Reno lists professional associations, certification schools, and any recommended follow-up reading. In one entry, she describes a fishing tackle maker as "a craftsman who designs and makes fishing gear such as fishing poles and lures." She goes on to explain that these freelancers sell their product both to bait shops and to individual fishermen. Common jobs handled by fishing tackle specialists, such as rod repair and lure design, are also briefly explained.

Accompanying the 101 entries are seven brief chapters outlining general advice for the aspiring freelancer. Issues covered include home office organization, legal and financial considerations, and advertising methods. Although much of Reno's advice is pat, she makes the following important observation: "No matter who you are or what you do, selling is a part of life," she writes. Indeed, no matter what your line of work, a considerable amount of self-promotion is required for any business start-up. Reno claims that no one is a "born salesperson," but admits that some are more suited for it than others. The truly sales-impaired should pay close attention to her basic guidelines for developing marketing skills.

As a beginner's guide, the book's main advantage is Reno's assumption that her readers are indeed true novices. She's not above opening her book with a straight-forward definition of the word "freelance." In true schoolmarm fashion, Reno begins the chapter "Do you Have What It Takes To Be A Freelance Professional?" by giving her readers a pop quiz. True-and-false, fill-in-the-blanks, and yes, multiple-choice questions -- they're all here. Each question is designed to help readers decide whether they have what it takes to pack in the cubicle for good. "Are you earning the salary you deserve?" Reno asks. And if that one doesn't have readers turning in their company IDs, perhaps the more cheeky, "Will your job exist in 5 years?" will.

Preceding the 101 entries is a list of questions devised to help the reader "try on" a career. Following such questions as, "Why am I attracted to this career?" or "What might I dislike about this career?" are blank spaces. Readers are instructed not just to mull over responses, but to write them down in the areas provided. After all, why risk forgetting what you've already taken valuable time to contemplate? Recording your thoughts helps organize your ideas. As a reward, you'll have a written record documenting personal fears, ambitions, weaknesses, and strengths -- an invaluable resource for anyone ready to undergo the transition into IP-hood.

These self-reflective exercises will prove useful whether or not Reno's list includes your true vocational calling. Indeed, participants will gain a better understanding of what they want out of a freelance career, and perhaps more importantly, why they want to become IPs in the first place.

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March 13, 2000
Edited by Eric Gershon
Production by Fletcher Moore

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